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Doordarshan – India introduces new channel for North-East region

Doordarshan (DD), the Indian public broadcaster forming part of Prasar Bharati, will be launching a new channel, DD Arun Prabha, in the North East region. The channel is due to be launched in December on the 25.

Mr Surya Prakash, Chairperson at Prasar Bharati, said: “North-east is an area that needs our focus. There are so many states with such diverse cultures and languages. We had asked the government a few years ago that every state in that region needs a separate channel, given the diversity”.

On the other hand, a government official commented on the development of the TV channel: “Since the eight states in the Northeast region follow multiple languages and dialects and have distinct cultural identities, the idea is to have TV channels in these states that talk to them in their own languages and cater to their respective cultural sensibilities”.