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Asia-Pacific to Become Top SVOD Market by 2019

The number of SVOD homes around the world is forecast to reach 428 million across 200 countries by 2021, according to Digital TV Research.

Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research, said: “North America supplies most of these subscribers at present, but Asia Pacific will become the top region by 2019. This comes despite Netflix being unlikely to secure direct access in China and only making a limited impact in other major population centers such as India and Indonesia. There are some large SVOD platforms in Asia Pacific that have been active for some time, especially via mobile phones.”

This 428 million is up from 177 million in 2015 and an expected 248 million by end-2016, according to the Global SVOD Forecasts report. The total will grow by 70 million in 2016 alone. Global SVOD revenues will reach $32.18 billion in 2021—18 times the $1.74 billion recorded in 2010 and up by $20 billion on the $12.20 billion recorded in 2015. Revenues will grow by $5 billion in 2016 alone to take the total to $17.46 billion.

The U.S., with 127 million subscribers by 2021, will remain the SVOD market leader by some distance, although China—with 74 million in 2021, up by 34 million on 2016—will record strong growth to close the gap.