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Doordarshan invites programme proposals

Indian public broadcaster Doordarshan (DD) has invited proposals for programmes to fill DD Arunprabha, a channel planned for launch in the country’s North East Region (NER).

DD Arunprabha will be a 24-hour satellite channel, from DDK Itanagar, featuring contemporary entertainment aimed at the youth of NER. Content aims to be informative and show richness, variety and the diversity of local culture, the broadcaster said.

The invitation is part of DD’s operator Prasar Bharati’s efforts in NER to promote and nurture talent and provide a platform to deserving producers and artists, both within and outside the NER states, and encourage better produced programmes for DD viewers.

DD said proposals must be received by 17 January 2017 and that preference will be given to programmes based on themes or subjects relevant to NER.