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Australian Digital Radio Coverage to Expand

Digital radio services are expanding across Australia with trials in Canberra and Darwin to transition to permanent services and digital radio to be added to Hobart in Tasmania and Queensland’s Gold Coast over the next two to three years.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority, in consultation with the Digital Radio Planning Committee, has prepared a package of planning papers for the future development of DAB+ digital radio across Australia.

“The commercial radio industry has indicated there are a significant number of regional licensees that have expressed interest in offering digital radio services in the next three to five years,” said acting ACMA Chairman, Richard Bean. “The ABC has also announced its intention to commence new services in Darwin and Hobart.”

The ACMA is facilitating the digital radio rollout by preparing digital radio channel plans for Canberra, Darwin, Hobart and the Gold Coast. These plans will make frequencies available to broadcasters wishing to provide ongoing digital radio services in those areas. Details of the timing of commencement of digital radio in these markets will be determined by the broadcasters. (C&T Mag)