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Channel NewsAsia: Focus on Environment Programme

Singapore is the second largest generator of e-waste in Asia where people throw away almost 20 kg worth of coffee cups every day. Statistics have shown that Singapore contributes more textile waste per person than countries like Japan and the United Kingdom. People tend to assume that items such as mobile phones, refrigerators, e-waste or clothes are being reused, recycled or distributed to the needy. However, that is just one side of the story.

Trash Trail is a 5-part series that brings viewers on a journey to find out where our trash goes to and whether it is safe to throw everything away. Presenter Jason Godfrey embarks on a mission, using trackers and some of the latest technology, to discover how our trash is being sent across borders. Some release toxic gases, and others are potential leaks of information. 

The programme will be aired from 23-25 January.