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China Radio International Presents: “Xinjiang In My Eye” a Global Networks Contest

Since January 1st, finalists of “Xinjiang In My Eye” Global Networks Contest have been announced and the voting procedure has been launched. Votes can now be cast by visiting the voting page ( There are more than 400 finalists including articles, photos, videos and also Dream Goal works. Voting is open until January 20th.

Since October 2016, when the contest was launched, there has been an active participation of netizens from all around the world. Over the past two months,  more than 2000 entries have been received. In accordance with contest procedures, experts and organizing committee members will review the works after the voting is closed.

The contest is under the supervision of the State Council Information Office and co-hosted by China Radio International (CRI), the Information Office of the Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and CRI Online. The contest aims to explore and present the beauty of Xinjiang from multiple perspectives and enhance international understanding of Xinjiang by collecting photos, articles and short videos related to Xinjiang from global netizens.

The subject is “Colorful Xinjiang” in different people’s eyes. Entries should be original works on any subject of any style in principle. Winners will be chosen based on online voting results and expert scores. The grand prize winner will be invited to the award ceremony and outdoor activity in Xinjiang this year.