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New NHK President assumes post

Mr Ryoichi Ueda took his position as the new President of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) on Wednesday 25 January 2017. He took over from Mr Katsuto Momii, who completed his three-year term the previous day.

“As president, I will devote constant attention to the fair and efficient management of public broadcasting; am firmly resolved to protect autonomy and independence and furnish public broadcasts which all of our viewers and listeners will trust”, he told a press conference at NHK’s headquarters.

Mr Ueda also emphasized one of the NHK’s missions to endeavor to provide the highest standards of services toward the upcoming Olympics in Japan. He said “Further, in this globalized world, the public broadcaster also has the great mission of displaying Japan’s presence in the world. NHK has declared in its corporate plan that it will provide broadcasts and services of the very highest quality in 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Mr Ryoichi Ueda, 67, was previously a member of the NHK Audit Committee as well as Board of Governors, after he resigned from Mitsubishi Corporation, a major trading company in Japan.

He joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1973. After serving in the corporation for the Americas as Executive Vice President, he became the Senior Executive Vice President of Mitsubishi Corporation.