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SBS – Korea Goes ATSC 3.0 with Enensys

Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) has selected ENENSYS, designers and manufacturers of digital TV transmission technologies for the acquisition of new equipment for the launch of ATSC 3.0 DTT services in February this year.

Korea is leading the rollout of the new IP-based digital terrestrial standard, which is in the final stages of development. SBS will launch in the Seoul area, with DTT coverage expanding across the rest of the country in advance of the 2018 Winter Olympics to be held in Pyeongchang.

SBS will operate one ATSC 3.0 multiplex in a 6MHz RF channel with capacity for either one 4K UHD service or one 4K UHD plus one HD service, depending on the nature of the content and the compression applied. It has selected ENENSYS ATSchedulers and IPGuard changeover switches as key components of the new system. (C&T Mag).