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ThaiTV3 Partners with MOG

Thailand Television Channel 3 was Thailand’s first commercial television station. It launched in Bangkok in 1970 and has broadcast 24/7 since January 2005.

ThaiTV3 is able to produce quality local programming that attracts the loyalty of the Thai audience. Furthermore, the station broadcasts a balance of quality foreign movies, dramas, comedy, documentaries and sports. The station maintains a strong market position and strengthens its brand awareness amongst its audience through regular on air and local events.

ADT has been MOG Technologies corporate partner and system integrator since 2011 and has been responsible for many successful implementations within the geographical area.

By installing mxfSPEEDRAIL, ThaiTV3 was able to simplify its production workflow by reducing costs and saving time on the capture and storage process. With MOG’s innovative central ingest technology, the channel was able to ensure automation of the whole production workflow including scheduled capture, live-feeds recording, storage, multi-camera control, edit-while-capture and remote monitoring through a web-browser. (C&T Mag).