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iM4U fm – Malaysia celebrated World Radio Day in a Hot Air Baloon

Malaysian youth station iM4U fm celebrated World Radio Day last Monday by broadcasting its morning show, BANGKIT Squad, live from a hot air balloon. Show hosts Jiggy, Amrita Dhillion and Tyler Lim presented their segments 500 metres above the ground travelling in the balloon from Putrajaya to Cyberjaya.

It took the iM4U team 50 minutes to inflate the hot air balloon and it travelled approximately 3km, for around 60 minutes.

“We are humbly grateful for the opportunity to host BANGKIT Squad in a hot air balloon. World Radio Day is about embracing and celebrating the advancements of radio. What better way to do it than in a hot air balloon? Through live streaming, our listeners are able to share and enjoy our experiences as well,” says Kartini Ariffin, Director of iM4U fm.

In line with World Radio Day 2017’s official theme, “Radio is YOU”, iM4U fm targets to engage, empower and inspire their listeners to achieve anything they set their minds to.