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Generation What? To be launched across Asia-Pacific in 2018

Generation What?, one of the most significant trans-media and transnational campaigns has been highly successful in Europe. Following this success, the same exercise will be done throughout the Asia-Pacific region at the beginning of 2018 commencing simultaneously with Generation What? Arabic in the Middle East.

Generation What? helps broadcasters to re-connect with young people, develop their online presence and programming, and their capacity to launch trans-media or new media campaigns. The campaign consists of two main components: the website which hosts the online questionnaire and online data and TV documentaries based on central themes of the questionnaire.   

The ABU is partnering with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Upian and Yami 2, the founders of Generation What? Europe to launch this youth-oriented, global trans-media project in Asia-Pacific.

The 1st Steering Group Meeting of Generation What? Asia-Pacific (GWAP) concluded successfully in Bangkok, Thailand. Hosted by UNESCO Bangkok, the two-day meeting ran from 16-17 February 2017. Sixteen participants from 10 ABU member organisations took part in the meeting. They were NHK-Japan, VTV-Vietnam, RRI-Indonesia, BB-Bangladesh, TVK-Cambodia, ACORAB-Nepal, Thai PBS-Thailand, MCOT-Thailand, CTC-Philippines, and Mongolia.

The aim of the meeting was to provide detailed information on the scope of the project and discuss the next steps in launching this ground-breaking global campaign in Asia-Pacific region.