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Channel NewsAsia supports Singapore Entrepreneurs

Game Changers looks at how Singapore entrepreneurs revolutionise the way things are done in order to survive in today’s fast-paced economy. These people break the rules, shake up the status quo and pioneer new ideas.

To avoid taking the easy way out, they defy conventional wisdom to take on those who are bigger and older.  Although these entrepreneurs have a vision and are not afraid to follow it, they face the same conundrum – reinvent, or be edged out by new businesses, and innovations.  In the face of crisis, new trends are created and the face of the industry is changed.  The 5-part series delves into the mechanics of various businesses as it tells the tale of each entrepreneur’s story behind the relentless pursuit of being game changers.

The first episode features Ms Teo Peiru, an owner of a local bridal shop, La Belle Couture Weddings, and how she shakes up the ultra-competitive business scene by marrying romance with technology. 

Game Changers will be aired from Monday, 27 February to Wednesday, 1 March 2017.