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Doordarshan-India Upgrades its Central Production Centre

The Indian national broadcaster will start upgrading the TV news studio at its New Delhi broadcast centre using the Lawo mixing technology.

As India’s largest broadcast operation, Doordarshan (DD) reaches around 92% of the population and 81% of its territory. Government-funded, it is also the largest terrestrial network in the world, and among the largest in terms of studios and transmitters with more than 90 studios and relay stations spread across the Indian subcontinent.

For the Central Production Centre (CPC) project, Lawo has supplied Doordarshan with a 40-fader mc²36 with 96+96 DSP channels – the first mc² series mixing console at DD. Planning for the work began in mid-2015, with the contract awarded 12 months later. Presently, the installation is well underway with completion of commissioning set for the end of March 2017.

Providing national, regional and local programming, Doordarshan currently operates around 21 channels including DD News, DD National, DD Sport and DD Bharati. The refurbished studio will provide fully integrated operation with new and more advanced technology for DD News than DD has previously has at its disposal. (C+T Mag)