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The ABU reminds members to be cautious on issues like Cyber Attacks

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 13th edition of the Digital Broadcasting Symposium (DBS) this morning in Kuala Lumpur, the ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi stated that there are currently many new issues and challenges facing broadcasters.

He underlined that “The connected digital networks that we use for easy contribution and content delivery are open for cyber-attacks. Broadcasters need to gear up and be extremely cautious in this area, without the necessary security systems in place your networks and valuable content may be compromised.”

Dr Mottaghi added that the DBS is an appropriate forum where broadcast professionals can share expertise and experiences. “The media industry is evolving and continues to develop and find better and more cost-effective ways of creating compelling content and delivering them to wider audiences.” He added.

The ABU Secretary-General thanked the WorldDAB who has been the principal sponsor of the DBS for the last four years. The Union also puts on record the support of RTM-Malaysia and the Malaysian Ministry of Communications and Multimedia as well as  the other major sponsors – DELL EMC, Rohde & Schwarz, Dolby, Aspera and MCMC.

The industry keynote address was delivered by Ms Joan Warner, Vice President and Asia-Pacific Chair of WorldDAB and CEO of Commercial Radio Australia. She enumerated various reasons why DAB+ is the best digital broadcast platform to use as part of a hybrid approach together with IP. She pointed out that AM and FM spectrum is increasingly compromised by multipath and man-made interference. FM spectrum is eroded and that AM and FM only allow one frequency one content offering.


Ms Warner believes that DAB+ is much more efficient where more content could be aired using less spectrum , long-term DAB+ will be cheaper than analogue, transmission costs  are shared and the infrastructure costs could be reduced.