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Radio Digitalisation is progressing rapidly throughout Indonesia

Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) has today 92 stations spread across the huge archipelago consisting of 17,000 islands. Managing radio infrastructure and services to reach more than 250 million people is not an easy task.

Digitalisation of radio services started in Indonesia three years ago. Both WorldDAB and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) are contributing enormously in this giant task. There are presently 205 radio channels broadcasting an average of 20 hours every day.

Mr Andi Permadi, Head of New Media at RRI shared the experiences of the Indonesian  public radio in this  digital era. The theme of his presentation was ‘Innovation use of Digital and New Media Platforms.’ He explained the success of Radio Apps RRI created such as RRIPlay for the general audience, Be Young for the younger generation and Apps360 to encourage citizen journalism.

RRI is convinced once the radio digitalisation is completed, RRI will be in a more comfortable position to offer the best services to its audience.