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Opportunities in the Changing Media Business

A whole session was dedicated this morning to challenges and profitability in the media business. How to monetise on the multiple delivery platforms, real partnerships to deliver operational efficiency and the changing trends of the broadcast industry were the main themes discussed.

Mr Jon Flay, Managing Director of Megahertz Ltd said whatever the format is – IP, UHD, HDR or HFR, new systems and operations are required. He added that new consumption  models such as OTT, Mobile and VOD cause new customer behaviour. He also pointed out that a right balance between Operational expenditure and capital expenditure models allows a media company to focus on its essential business, that is, producing and delivering better content to bigger audiences.

Mr Steve Ahern, Managing Director of AMT-Australia focused his presentation on some factors that could lead to success in the evolving media business. He said that changing consumption patterns are forcing broadcasters to evolve and become faster, cheaper and social. He thinks that supporting pioneer teams and managing risks are highly important. He also mentioned about the setting of clear goals and always looking for new trends.