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Digital Radio to be launched in Thailand in 2018

The Thai broadcasting organisation NBTC plans to launch digital radio in 2018 and states that guidelines should be finalised before the start of a nationwide trial. DAB+ licenses are to be gradually sold nationwide, regionally and then locally. The first trial DAB+ broadcasts began in Bangkok in March 2013.

Following the successful licence auction for commercial digital TV channels in December 2013, the Thai broadcasting regulator,  the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) is looking to auction a number of business broadcasting services for digital radio by 2018.

The auction will be held on a phase-by-phase basis. NBTC is working on the technical aspects to determine how many licences would be made as well as how to launch the multiplexes. Thailand’s digital radio will be provided on Band III and the number of digital radio licences should be enough to cover the existing radio broadcasters. Thailand also proposes that in the future Community radio should be on low power FM.