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Mediacorp-Singapore acquires new Audio Codecs

Mediacorp has installed almost 60 Merlin IP audio codecs in its new campus in Mediapolis and at its Bukit Batok Transmitter site. The codecs carry 12 radio channels which are broadcast in four languages to Singapore’s multilingual audience.

“The size and scope of the Mediacorp installation at their new facility at Mediapolis is impressive,” said Charlie Gawley, Tieline’s VP Sales APAC/EMEA. “Critically important with live content is the reliability of Tieline’s SmartStream PLUS in delivering over 100,000 hours of unsurpassed audio quality to its audience each year.”

“Mediacorp has selected Merlin IP Audio codecs for their studio-to-transmitter links as they are equipped with multiple layers of redundancy and are already used by major broadcasting networks across the globe,” added Gawley.

Tieline’s Singapore distributor, Telesto Broadcast Solutions, delivered and supported the installation and commissioning of the near 60 Merlin codecs used for main and redundant studio transmitter links. (C+T Mag)