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ABU TV Song Festival 2017


6th ABU TV SONG FESTIVAL 2017 in Chengdu

The 6th edition of the ABU TV Song Festival 2017 will be co-organised by Sichuan Radio and Television (SRT) on 1 November at Chengdu, Sichuan, China, in conjunction with the ABU General Assembly. 14 top artists from 14 countries and regions will be performing at S1 SRT Studio.

2017 Performers

Ghulam Mahiuddin Farukh
(RTA – Afghanistan)


Ghulam Mahiuddin Farukh (Mahdi Farkh) is a talented folk artist born in Panjshir Province of Afghanistan in 1986. When he was a child, he moved to Kabul the capital of Afghanistan with his family. He graduated from Music High School in Kabul in 2012. He became familiar with Panjshiri Folk Music since he was a child and later his father supported him to improve his music skills. His first album will be released soon under the title of ‘Friend’s Pain’.

Song Performing: Qarsak

Yisa Yu
(SRT – China)


Yisa Yu, also known as Yu Kewei and by her birth name Yu Yingxia, is a Chinese singer. She started out singing in bars and participated in several singing competitions before her career took off after she achieved fourth place nationally in the 2009 season of Hunan TV’s Super Girl. Her fans are called Yu Jin Xiang which means “tulip”.

Song Performing : 

Alvin Ng 
(TVB – Hong Kong)


Alvin Ng started singing in his teenage days and participated in various singing contests and school festivals. He brought his experience into the “The Voice Season 4”, a TV program for selecting newly emerged young singers hosted by TVB in Hong Kong and became the 1st Runner Up. In 2016, he represented Hong Kong in the “International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship 2016”. Winning the title of 2nd Runner Up, he began his career in the Hong Kong’s entertainment field, performing in variety shows and travelogues. He also records theme songs for drama series and is a media idol among the young generation of Hong Kong.

Song Performing: How Can I Do


Shri Kailash Kher
(DD – India)



Bracketing a phenomenon like Kailash Kher as mere singer would be like bracketing the phenomenon of love into just one expression. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Kailash Kher, his journey so far, his life and his music, are an asset to Indian heritage.

Song Performing : 

Januarisman Silof Runtuwene
(TVRI – Indonesia)


Januarisman Runtuwene better known as Januarisman or Aris, born in 1985 in Jakarta, is an Indonesian rock singer. In 2008, he won the fifth season of the reality show Indonesian Idol.


Song Performing: 

(NHK – Japan)


Dubbed as Japan’s “rock heroine” by the media, LiSA is a singer from Japan who is breaking down genre and language barriers with her earnest, powerful performances and catchy melodies. As the only singer of her kind to headline both anime and rock festivals, she draws in audiences and manipulates emotions with her voice and relatable persona. Having instantly sold out legendary venues in Japan such as the Nippon Budokan and Saitama Super Arena, LiSA also frequently performs overseas, having performed in the U.S., Mexico, China, South East Asia, and completed a solo tour in Asia.

Song Performing: Catch the Moment


(KBS – Korea)


Mamamoo, sometimes stylized as MAMAMOO, is a South Korean girl group formed by Rainbow Bridge World (formerly WA Entertainment) in 2014. The group officially debuted on 19 June 2014 with the song “Mr. Ambiguous”. Their debut was considered by some critics as one of the best K-pop debuts of 2014. They are recognized for their retro, jazz, R&B concepts and strong vocal performances.

Song Performing: Yes, I am


(TDM – Macau)


Comprised of 6 members (Iron, Eugene, Ana, Daniel, Jason, Agostinho), Catalyser was founded in 2012. The name is inspired by the chemical term “catalyst” as we believe music is always the catalyst between people and the environment. The goal of the band is to share their music and use their music to inspire and link people together. Catalyser released their first album “Reflection” in 2016 and followed by their second album release “Dilation” in 2017. Catalyser won an “Outstanding Band Award” of “TDM Best of the Pop” Music Award in 2014 and 2015 hosted by TDM – Teledifusão de Macau, S. A. 
, and won the “Gold Award” in the same music award in 2017.

Song Performing: Midnight is the Time for God

(RTM – Malaysia)


Promising Malaysian talent Syameel Fodzly, runner up of Akademi Fantasia 2015, is presently linked to his self-penned song ‘Hidup Dalam Mati’ and ‘Lebih Sempurna’. The ballad proved to be a great way to introduce the 24-year-old vocalist to local listeners. Syamel is determined to excel in writing, composing and collaborating , three elements he lists as vital for new singer to progress.

Song Performing: Lebih Sempurna


Mohamed Thasneem
(PSM – Maldives)


Mohamed Thasneem a.k.a Bob is the winner of Maldivian Idol Season 2. Born and raised in K. Maafushi, Maldives, Music was always the dream for this 21 year old. In 2014, he was recruited by the local band, The Strings. Since then he has performed in several events in Maldives including in various resorts. He is now a well-known artist in the country after winning the biggest entertainment competition in the country, Maldivian Idol season 2. He believes that every experience is a lesson and his focus right now is to make himself better every day.

Song Performing: A Tourists View


Lương Nguyệt Ánh
(VTV – Vietnam)

Luong Nguyet Anh won the first prize at Sao Mai in 2011. Her musical genre is folk music. Luong Nguyet Anh is a teacher in Military University of Culture and Arts School.

Song Performing: Hồ trên núi


                          Hezron Ngosa

                        (AUB – Zambia, Africa)



Hezron Ngosa a.k.a Hezijones is a celebrated gospel artist from Zambia with two albums to his name. He has performed in the United Kingdom and the United States of America and other African States. During the 2016 General Election in Zambia, he composed and produced songs titled ‘Say No To Violence’, ‘Mr Politician’ and ‘Twikatane’ (Lets Unite) to preach peace and unity during and after the General Election. Hezijones was also invited to perform at the Inauguration Ceremony of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu after winning the 2016 General Election. He has also written and produced a song on child abuse titled ‘Mercy I Cry!’

Song Performing: Zaninge

Gazret Yerzhanov
 (Khabar Agency – Kazakhstan)
   Song Performing : Yapurai

Kasymov Sohbet

(TVTM – Turkmenistan)


Kasymov Sohbet was born in 1989y. He won “Golden age of
Turkmen” award in 2009. He graduated State Turkmen Institute of Culture in 2012y.
His first album was released in 2010 under the title “Mana Bakar”(“She will
look at me”). He is mostly fond of vocals.

Song Performing: With You

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