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CCTV-China used Ross Video Robotics to broadcast 2017 Spring Festival Gala

China Central Television (CCTV) began their Chinese New Year broadcasting the ‘2017 Spring Festival Gala’ live on January the 27th using Ross Video’s Furio RC.

The CCTV Spring Festival Gala is an integral part of Chinese New Year celebrations, carrying a special meaning for many in China. The broadcast has a yearly viewership of over 700 million viewers, making it one of the premier television events of China.

CCTV placed high regards on the remote capability of Ross’ Furio RC during the Gala. Furio enabled them to create shots that were previously impossible, combining responsiveness and flexibility with unrivalled smoothness and stability. It also allowed them to maximise their efficiency by eliminating the cost of having multiple operators, while keeping the filming space to a premium. (C+T Mag)