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Philippines to switch over to Digital TV

Philippines is preparing to shift to digital. The Department of Information and Communications (DICT), in partnership with other government agencies, has announced the launch of the Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DTTB) migration plan, to move TV broadcasting from analogue to digital.

The plan aims to have 95 percent of Filipino households switch to digital television transmission by 2023. As the transmission systems evolve, consumers can expect higher quality video and audio signals. Broadcasters will also be able to offer new services through datacasting and Broadcast Markup Language (BML).

However, the migration requires swift action from all stakeholders involved. In order to make the shift seamlessly and for consumers to enjoy the associated benefits, it is important that service providers are equipped with the right digital delivery platforms. Operators will require advanced set-top box software and system integration services to support the transition to an all-digital platform within the planned time frame. (C+T Mag)