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Radio Thailand, more than Radio: RadioAsia 2017

On the final day of Radio Asia 2017 delegates heard about one of the host country’s major stations, Radio Thailand.

Charoon Chaisom, head of the PR Department which runs the network, said the station, founded in 1930 as a public service radio station, operated a total of 147 services nation wide on FM, AM and SW frequencies.

Radio Thailand Bangkok is the head-of-network station, with regional network stations also producing local talk content, working with local staff and volunteers to cover local events.

The network also involves youth and disadvantaged people and aims to “instill good values in people.”

“We are always aware that we must reach out and serve our audiences. We are striving to be more than radio, bridging the gap between policy makers and the people, in every part of the country.

“We also reflect the needs and ideas of local people back to the government,” explained Chaisom.

Radio Thailand also supports people in times of emergencies and other needs.

“We now live in a digital era, where communications are combined into a single device. This changing time has made it more crucial to reach listeners on many platforms and to be on everyone’s mind.”

The network is working hard to adapt to the new environment to “maintain our identity as a primary source of news and information in this digital area.”

The conference wraps up today. 

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