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Two Weeks to Go: ABU Prizes 2017 Entry

The deadline for the entry of ABU Prizes 2017 is fast approaching. Introduced since the inception of ABU in 1964, the ABU Prizes is an annual competition that has garnered interest from both ABU and non-ABU Members year after year.

Aimed to promote the excellence in radio and TV production in order to raise educational and cultural standards at international level, ABU Prizes is a suitable platform for programmes that are sent for entries to get recognised for its quality internationally. The international standard is upheld by having juries comprised of broadcasting experts from various parts of the world.

With a new category, the ABU Perspective Awards, introduced for radio, there would be 14 categories available to be won by ABU Members. This is in addition to the Special Jury Award that will be given for one TV and radio category each. This award is to recognise the entry that would impress the juries despite using limited resources for its production.

Those members who have not yet submitted their entries to this prestigious prize are highly encouraged to do so by the deadline on 5th June 2017. For more details, please visit