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TVRI-Indonesia improves its Management Operations

Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) is a state-owned television station in Indonesia and a long-time customer of Etere since 2005. It is also the only broadcaster in Indonesia with nationwide coverage. TVRI has selected Etere Airsales to improve its profitability, reduce operating costs and streamline the end to end workflow of its traffic system.

The national broadcaster has commissioned this project to incorporate large-scale developments including the use of the National language of Indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia for its GUI as well as custom reports that conform to the laws of Indonesia. The merits of Etere include its flexibility and scalability to adapt to any environment, even those with custom requirements.

Etere Airsales is the integrated solution for traffic, accounting and all sales management-related operations in a company. TVRI will leverage on the benefits of Etere Airsales to streamline operations, reduce operating costs and to increase profitability. Airsales is capable of managing the complete workflow of advertising sales including pre-sales and post-sales activities, sales campaigns, customer relationship proposals, commercial planning, invoicing, salesmen and agencies commission. (C+T Mag)