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ACMA Plans to License DAB Multiplexes Across Australia

The Australian Media regulator ACMA has finalised its plans to roll out digital terrestrial radio in all major cities in the country.

Commercial radio stations, the public broadcaster ABC and the multicultural broadcaster SBS started transmitting in DAB+ in 2009 in the five capital cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. Because the majority of the population lives in and around those five cities, about 65% of the population of Australia is covered by DAB + radio, even though only half a percent of the land area is covered.  About 25% of the population listens to over-the-air digital radio; 3 million digital radio receivers have been sold, and about a third of new cars leave the factory with digital radios installed.

Since 2010 DAB testing has been going on in Darwin and Canberra. Permanent licenses will be issued for the mux transmitters in those cities. The two multiplexes have room for more than 30 radio stations, and public broadcaster ABC will finally broadcast through digital terrestrial radio in Darwin.