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All India Radio Highlights DRM Capabilities

India is getting the whole nine yards on just what DRM digital radio can do, as All India Radio is beginning to demonstrate the full set of services that make up the DRM standard.

As AIR moves into phase two of its DRM introduction to the country, the full features/services of the 37 DRM transmitters that were installed during phase one are being rolled out. The finalization of phase two will see the full-featured DRM services available to listeners with a public information campaign just launched to inform people of the DRM radio platform and its benefits.

DRM transmission from New Delhi/Nangli is reportedly already upgraded, with audio provided that is based on the xHE-AAC audio codec adopted by DRM. It also includes DRM text messages and Journaline, an advanced text service.

AIR reports that currently 21 DRM transmitters are now operating in pure DRM for one hour everyday. AIR is also planning to boost DRM services in Chennai, Pune and Bangalore.