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Seoul Broadcasting System to develop social experiment format in Korea

Extending its reach into Asia, US production house MY Entertainment is teaming with Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) in South Korea and Critical Density Media to co-develop a social-experiment format, The Power, for international availability.

Terrestrial television broadcaster SBS claims the largest national network in South Korea and has been delivering a variety of programmes, from SBS News, TV Series, entertainment shows to documentaries and social reality programmes for the last 26 years.

The new format focuses on society’s relationship with money, class, social status and power. SBS aired a pilot in July 2016, claiming critical acclaim and top ratings in its time slot. The series is slated to air in Korea in early 2018 and MY Entertainment has partnered with the Korean broadcaster to further develop the format for Korea, the US and Western markets.

“This social commentary has drawn great attention among viewers in Korea amid dynamic political environment in recent months,” said SBS director of global format strategy Iljoong Kim. “I’m sure that the format will be a great success in the United States as well. It was very interesting for me to work on this innovative reality show, with such a creative partner.”