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Singapore Mediacorp Campus opts for new Lawo System Technology

Singapore-based Mediacorp has completed its relocation to a major new production centre, where its technical operation is served by a completely revised hardware and infrastructure, including audio mixing desks, audio routers, and control systems from German technology innovator, Lawo.

In all, the media company’s new facility houses five Lawo mc²56 audio production consoles and an mc²36 audio console, one Nova73 HD router, two Nova73 Compact core routers, a large VSM Control System, and other hardware.

Mediacorp is a conglomerate of companies that is active in television and radio broadcasting, interactive media, filmmaking and media publishing. The Mediacorp Campus is now its main production facility, and incorporates several TV and radio studios, and a number of control rooms. Here, Mediacorp has chosen and installed a large amount of Lawo equipment for two TV Production Studios, three TV News Studios and a Radio MCR. Additionally, Lawo’s VSM (Virtual Studio Manager) Control and Monitoring System provides the overall control layer across the newly built TV and radio facility.

The benefits of pairing the Lawo systems with VSM include Distributed Studio Networking (DSN) and easy handling of workflows in the studios. Where many central resources are shared – telephone hybrids, deembedders, RX Lines etc – each studio has access to these in addition to its own local resources. Leveraging all of these resources provides greater operating flexibility and efficiency – all accessed and operated intuitively via VSM using simple keystrokes. (C+T Mag)