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All India Radio to train social media staff

In the recent past, the official Twitter handle of All India Radio (AIR) has made a lot of goof-ups, which now has forced the AIR to train its staffers in the art of social media postings.

AIR’s handle is followed by over a million users. This handle came under scrutiny after Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was trolled, when she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin recently. The officials however tried to underplay the trolling as an inadvertent mistake. However, the post was viewed as the public broadcaster’s disapproval of Chopra’s dress and posture.

Another major goof-up made by the AIR’s handle was during Vijay Mallya extradition case. “#VijayMallay extradition: #India gets mocked in London court; it’s an epic failure for #CBI,” it tweeted.

In order to improve and not make such slip-ups, AIR has decided to train its social media staff. “Being young people, these staffers have made some mistakes. They will now be trained in selection of news and framing of sentences,” said an official, adding that the social media team has now been placed under the “supervision” of a senior functionary.