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PMPC 2017 – Enhancing Media Development in the Pacific

Broadcasting experts from Japan, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, Hong Kong as well as various international consultants will attend the 8th ABU Pacific Media Partnership Conference (PMPC) in Honiara, Solomon Islands from 15 to 17 August 2017.

With the theme Television: Islanders On Screen , the PMPC 2017 conference will focus on how broadcasters continue to offer broadcast services by augmenting public free-to-air broadcasting. 

A wide range of topics will be discussed among the participants. They include:

  1. Transition from Analog to Digital Television
  2. DSO Challenges in the Pacific
  3. Women in Media and Gender Issues
  4. Environment, Climate Change and Media
  5. Digital Broadcasting Technologies
  6. Role of Satellite in Media Delivery for Islanders
  7. Broadcast Network Solutions for Islanders.

Please register online at the website:

For further information on PMPC 2017, contact Dr Amal Punchihewa, Director Technology & Innovation of ABU at