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Asiavision Mobile Journalism Workshop Korea (September 2017)

5th Asiavision Workshop

Mobile Journalism- How to create news reports on a smartphone

Asiavision has completed yet another fruitful workshop on Mobile Journalism. This is the 5th Workshop so far.
The workshop took place in Hotel PJ, in the heart of Seoul, Korea, from 25th -30th September 2017.
A total of 24 participants from 22 AVN members took part in the workshop.
The main trainer for the workshop was Mr Choi Ki Hong.

(Courtesy of Mr Choi Ki Hong- Youtube: choikihong)

The list of members that have participated are as follows:

Country                Organisation
Afghanistan  RTA
Bangladesh BTV 
Cambodia CTN 
Cambodia PNN 
Fiji Fiji TV 
Hong Kong TVB
Japan NHK 
India DDI
Macau TDM
Malaysia RTM
Maldives PSM
Mongolia TV5 
Myanmar  MRTV 
Nepal NTV
Papua New Guinea             EMTV 
Philippines ABS-CBN
Samoa SBCL 
Sri Lanka SLRC
Thailand MCOT
Turkey  TRT 
Uzbekistan MTRK
Vietnam VTV

Participants were divided into 3 groups- they visited different tourist spots around Seoul to shoot for sources including interviews. The participants took part in medical tests to experience the power of Korean medical industry and produced news reports on it as well. Others paid a visit to popular tourist attractions such as Myung-dong and DDP, where they were able to interview foreign tourists on the spot to be included in their report. 

This provided a hands-on Mojo production experience where they took part in the shooting, editing and producing their very own news reports. 

Overall, it was a successful and fruitful workshop.