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ABU PMPC 2017 to be inaugurated by Solomon Islands Prime Minister in Honiara

The 8th Pacific Media Conference will commence on 15th August in Honiara. This year Pacific Media Partnership Conference is hosted by the ABU member SIBC from 15th to 17th August. The three day event will be held in Solomon Islands for the first time with the sponsorship of SIBC, TTV, ABU, ITU and the Australian Government.

Telekom Television Limited (TTV) Pacific Island’s media association, Radio Frequency Systems, Rohde& Schwarz and NHK are supporting the conference.

Islanders on Screen is the theme of the conference. PMPC-2017 will discuss challenges and issues faced by broadcast media, especially various factors that affect the digitalisation process. Twenty speakers in ten sessions will address wide range topics.

ABU has 26 members in the Pacific region itself who are spread over 10 countries. Fifty (50) delegates from 16 countries have registered for the event. The event will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands on 15h August.