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ABU Robocon 2017

ABU Robocon 2017

27th August 2017

Ota Ward Gymnasium, Tokyo

Theme:      The Landing Disc


Basic Concept:   

2 sides compete in 3 minutes. The aim is to remove the balls that are resting on the poles of varying heights with the disks that will be thrown by the robot so (the) disks could be placed on the poles instead.


For more details on the contest, please visit the official website at


Notes for Audience / Broadcasters:

NHK is engaged in the innovative trial to live webcast the contest in 12 different languages. Using Microsoft’s automatic translation service, English narrative will be automatically translated and subtitled in the language of your choice.


Choice of languages:

English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, Korean, Thai, Indonesia, Russian, Arabic, Persian



After 11am ~ before 6pm (JST) on August 27


Website:  (There will be a link for live webcast on/around August 21)


Don’t miss this unique showdown of ideas!