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Radio Drama in the Digital Century – ABU SONIC calls for participation

Register your interest now for the ABU SONIC Radio Drama Festival, the Union’s newest initiative to support and enhance radio drama in the Asia-Pacific for the Digital Century.

The ABU Sonic Festival will be the most prestigious radio drama showcase and forum in the Asia-Pacific region and is open to all radio members of the ABU plus – for the first time – independent producers of Radio Drama in all its forms.

Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) will host the inaugural ABU Sonic Festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, from 27-29 November 2017.

As well as the traditional forms radio dramas, participants will have the chance to hear, discuss and vote on their favourites in three new categories: multimedia radio-based drama, radio drama made by younger people and docudramas.

An ABU Sonic Grand Prize will recognise the overall best radio drama chosen during the Festival, from the five categories.

The three-day festival will include expert Masterclasses, coaching sessions and workshops on all forms of Drama production and storytelling techniques. 

Head of Radio Olya Booyar says the Festival is an indicator of the importance the ABU places on radio drama as a continuing and expanding radio form.

“The Asia-Pacific has a long and rich history of storytelling.  ABU Sonic is building on that tradition and extending it to new platforms,” she says.  “Not only is radio drama evolving in the digital age, but in some senses it is becoming more important as broadcasters work to tell great stories about their cultures and the lives of people in new ways”.

To register your interest e-mail ABU SONIC here.