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CCTV-China enhances remote production network

As it adapts to the changing nature of today’s media landscape, Chinese state television broadcaster, China Central Television (CCTV) is to implement the media virtualisation functionality of Aperi’s IP-based live media processing platform.

The broadcaster regards the new deployment as necessary as it must address the new challenges of growing codec standards, increased bandwidth and channel counts as well as differing video formats and the movement of generic IP data traffic across networks.

CCTV outputs more than 50 channels of programming and will use the platform to deliver more than 120 bi-directional links of high bandwidth, low-latency 4KTV, 3G-HD and SD media between its current and former headquarters in Beijing, some 15 km apart. The Aperi-based network will see use in providing instant interchangeable SMPTE 2022 gateway functions, high quality J2K and H.264 compression and transparent channelling of IP traffic.

The implementation includes the SMPTE 2022-7 hitless protection mechanism and is seen as necessary to enable CCTV to add future IP and video format demands instantly without needing to input additional cabling or hardware. Aperi’s live media processing virtualisation platform is integrated with a floating license scheme which optimises the infrastructure for CCTV’s multi-tenant network usage and lets it deploy the network for programme or production scenarios. (Rapid TV News)