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Phoenix TV-Hong Kong rising on a Shotoku platform

Phoenix Satellite Television, a Hong Kong headquartered Mandarin- and Cantonese-language TV broadcaster, began its first broadcast on 31 March 1996, striving to provide Chinese audiences everywhere with high-quality Mandarin and Cantonese TV programmes.

When Phoenix TV Beijing decided to move from its old Phoenix Hall to its new premises in Chaoyang in 2015, it decided to build a new broadcast system based on new equipment and technology, including camera support systems from Shotoku Broadcast Systems. Chang Li Xin, deputy director for Beijing Technology Centre, Phoenix Satellite Television,said that

“We thoroughly researched all our options and found that Shotoku is able to provide a strong and stable camera support system that was intuitive, easy to use, allowed our operations to run smoothly, and provided superb data tracking”.

He added “in Phoenix Hall, our productions were limited and we faced many constraints. Our pictures were not rich enough and we could not make use of virtual graphics that move relative to the camera — we were restricted to the traditional ‘hard cut’ method. Shotoku’s solutions make it easy to impose virtual elements in the foreground. The SPI-Touch is especially convenient, accurate and stable.”