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Media 2020 is to build Bridges between Cultures, says the Romanian Culture Minister

At the opening ceremony of the Media 2020 in Sinaia last week, Romanian Culture Minister Lucian Romascanu said that “This conference is about building bridges between cultures. We bring together our souls and this is the basis for peace. Public broadcasters needed to understand how important the media were to people and the responsibility they held for providing accurate and reliable information.

The Minister added that “Media’s role comes from the constitution of the country – to inform and educate people. It is more important than ever in these times that we bring the right information to people in order to retain peace all around the world. 

The conference was co-hosted by Radio Romania whose Acting Director General, Georgica Severin, welcomed delegates from the Asia-Pacific and Europe to discuss topics of common interest. “By the year 2020 broadcasting will have undergone major transformations that will continue to challenge us,” he said. “We need to increase our content and make it more appealing and targeted to younger audiences, and we should be proactive in recognising the challenges we face every day.”

The ABU and Radio Romania welcomed more than 150 delegates from 32 countries across Europe and Asia to this year’s Media2020 Dialogue in Sinaia, to discuss the challenges facing broadcasting during an era of great change. 

ABU Secretary-General Dr Javad Mottaghi, in welcoming delegates, reminded the conference that in today’s world nothing could be taken for granted and disruption was the new watchword. “The world is both divided and interconnected as never before,” he said. “We are in the midst of a new world order where media and the Internet reaches people like never before. “The only certainty is uncertainty. Media companies need to navigate the uncertainty.”