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CCTV-China gives new look to Climate Fightback documentary

‘Climate Fightback’, which reflects mankind’s efforts to deal with extreme climate changes arising from industrialisation, was shot with many different cameras including digital film cameras and drones. The twelve month shoot resulted in a huge amount of footage including 50TB from the Chinese production team only.

The three episode documentary jointly produced by China and South Korea’ Entertainment Co., Ltd.’s colourist Luo Chengyuan, was colour graded with DaVinci Resolve Studio software and the DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel. Faced with the overwhelming amount of footage in various formats, Luo had to finish colour grading for all the three episodes in six days with each episode consisting of 700 to 800 shots.

“This project needed the editing and colour grading teams to work together. On a tight schedule, we had to save as much time as possible. We estimated it would take about three days to complete copying footage and conforming, so the director decided to employ a workflow based on DaVinci Resolve’s Scene Detection feature, which saved the three days that would otherwise have been spent on copying, conforming and checking for errors, and also the disk space,” said Luo.( C+T Mag)