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KBS-Korea rolls out round-the-clock English radio broadcast

KBS World Radio, an international radio broadcast run by the public network of KBS, has launched a 24-hour English broadcast this month.

The radio channel has recently reorganized to create several new English programs including “One Fine Day,” a music show run by Korean-American singer Park Jung-hyun, “KOREA 24,” a news show by Henry Shinn, and “K-Pop Connection” by Angela Park and Oneway Peter.

The move is in line with growing demands from global listeners for more diverse political, economic and cultural news on Korea, as well as the need to deliver faster and more accurate news to the world, the network said in a statement. 

KBS World Radio started as “Voice of Free Korea” in 1953 and has been offering services in 11 languages. The network expects the new service to help expand overseas listeners.