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Generation What? Asia-Pacific Makes Significant Progress and Adopts Draft Questionnaire

The Asia-Pacific edition of the global transmedia project Generation What? made significant progress and adopted the draft questionnaire at its 2nd Steering Group meeting which took place on 5-6 October 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 2nd meeting in Kuala Lumpur was a significant chapter as the meeting focused on one of the most important aspects of the campaign: the questionnaire.

With the goal to have an agreed set of questions that is unique to the Asia-Pacific region, participating broadcasters worked on finalising the Generation What? Asia-Pacific questionnaire in consultation with GWAP consortium that comprises of ABU, Yami 2, Upian and UNESCO Bangkok. During the two-day meeting, participants were also briefed on the production phase of the campaign including training, filming and editing of the video modules. The next step for the broadcasters is to work with sociologists and localise the questionnaire for each participating country.

A total of 14 participants from 9 ABU member organisations joined the meeting in Kuala Lumpur. Participating broadcasters were NHK-Japan, TVK-Cambodia, TVNZ-New Zealand, BBS-Bhutan, ACORAB-Nepal, RRI-Indonesia, Thai PBS-Thailand, BB-Bangladesh and Mongolia.

The 1st edition of the Generation What? Asia-Pacific Steering Group meeting took place earlier this year in Bangkok, Thailand on 16-17 February 2017 hosted by UNESCO Bangkok.

As the global trans-media project gains momentum among broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific region, ABU expects more member organisations to join this ground-breaking campaign that is redefining the portrait of a new generation.

Generation What? Asia-Pacific is scheduled to be launched in 2018.