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Phoenix TV – Hong Kong extends licensing agreement deadline

China’s Phoenix New Media has reached an agreement with its parent company, Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings, to extend the expiry date of their existing trademark licence deal to 8 December.

Phoenix New Media offers premium content on an integrated internet platform, including PC and mobile, in China. Having originated from a leading global Chinese language TV network based in Hong Kong, Phoenix TV, the company enables consumers to access news and other quality information and share user-generated content on the internet through their PCs and mobile devices. Phoenix New Media’s platform includes its PC channel, consisting of, which comprises interest-based verticals and interactive services, its mobile channel and its operations with the telecom operators.

Phoenix TV has been licensing its trademarks to the company for use in its businesses, and the two are working on a new agreement to guide the terms of their future trademark licences. However, various internal procedures and compliance requirements need to be satisfied first, they said.