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Iranian Documentary Awarded in Jackson Hole Wild Life Film Festival

Iranian documentary “Park Ranger and Leopard“ directed and produced by Fathollah Amiri wins the “Best People and Nature Film” award at the 2017 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in the United States.

A product of Jame-Jam TV network of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, this documentary has been produced in ABU TV Documentary Coproduction (Care6).

This 52-minute documentary portrays the career life of an Iranian ranger who tries to track down a leopard in his protected area in spite of the fact that no leopard has been seen in this area for a very long time.

Jackson Hole Wild Life festival and Conservation Summit, as the most prestigious event in the wild life, is held biennially in the Grand Teton national park in the American state of Wyoming.

Alongside other winners of this festival, “Ranger and Leopard “ is going to be a part of Jackson Hole Wild on tour which has been launched in support of festival’s mission of sharing impacting films with a broader audience and connecting more people to the natural world through media.