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GA 2017: The ABU is successfully implementing its Long-Term Action Plan

The ABU Programming Department (PD) is currently busy running its core activities, encouraging new partnerships and coming with new initiatives. Dr Javad Mottaghi, ABU Secretary-General added that these achievements are in line with the Union’s Long-Term Action Plan 2016-2020 and congratulated the Programming Director, Mr Tatsuhiro Beniko whose term is coming to an end shortly.

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony of the Programme Committee in Chengdu this afternoon, Dr Mottaghi announced that Mr Koichi Okumura from NHK-Japan is the successor of Mr Beniko. Elections will be held tomorrow to designate the Chairperson of the Programming Committee.

Earlier, Mr Shi Min, Deputy Editor in Chief of China National Radio in his welcome remarks talked about the importance of the complementarity between the traditional media and the new media.

Mr Beniko gave an overview of all programming events held during the last 12 months. He elaborated on all the radio, television and new media activities.