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The Sichuan TV Studio dazzled with the ABU TV Song Festival

Fourteen artists from fourteen countries performed on Wednesday night at the 6th ABU TV Song Festival in Chengdu, China.  The one thousand audience comprising mainly of delegates from the ABU member countries were impressed by the show staged with lot of professionalism by the Sichuan Radio & Television (SRT).

The festival which is a celebration of popular music featuring high-profile musical talent from around the Asia-Pacific was broadcast live on one of SRT channels. The full programme will be made available soon to members for rights free broadcast.

This year the festival was enriched by the participation of one artist from the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB). Participating organisations were:

  1. Afghanistan – RTA
  2. China – SRT
  3. Hong Kong  – TVB
  4. India – DD
  5. Indonesia –  TVRI
  6. Japan – NHK
  7. Kazakhstan – Khabar Agency  
  8. Korea  – KBS
  9. Macau – TDM
  10. Malaysia – RTM   
  11. Maldives – PSM
  12. Turkmenistan – TVTM
  13. Vietnam – VTV
  14. Zambia – AUB