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GA 2017: ABU Engineering Awards – Winners announced in Chengdu

Winners of the Engineering Awards were announced last week during the Technical Committee meeting.

ABU Engineering Industry Excellence Award 2017
Dr Ahmad Zaki Mohd Salleh, Director of Technical Operations, TV Networks, Media Prima Berhad, Malaysia for his outstanding contribution to broadcast media. The Award was presented to him by Dr Javad Mottaghi, ABU Secretary-General.

ABU Green Broadcast Engineering Award 2017

Two winners this year: China Central Television (CCTV) for converged production cloud platform & Mediacorp-Singapore for the environment friendly new broadcast centre. The Awards were received by Mr Cui Jianwei, Deputy Director, Technical Production Center, CCTV and Mr Peh Beng Yeow, Vice President (Transmission), Mediacorp and were presented by Mr Hamid Dehghan Nayeri, Director, International Technical Affairs, IRIB-Iran and Panel Chairman, ABU Industry & Green Awards.

ABU Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award 2017
was bestowed on Mr Soonki  KIM,  Executive  Managing  Director,  Production  Technology,  Korean Broadcasting System for his outstanding contributions to implementation of ATSC 3.0 based Digital Terrestrial Transmission.
Mr Doo-Hyung KANG, ABU Technical Liaison Officer, Technology Management atKorean Broadcasting System received the Award from Mr Masakazu Iwaki, Chairman, ABU Technical Committee and Head of Human Interface Research Division, Science and Technology Research Laboratories, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK-Japan) and Panel Chairman, ABU Broadcast Excellence and Developing Broadcasters’ Awards

The ABU Developing Broadcasters’ Excellence Award 2017
went to Mr Permadi Kencono Wulan, Head of New Media, Radio Republik Indonesia for his contribution to new services of RRI. Mr Rahadian Gingging, Director of Technology and New Media, RRI-Indonesia received the prize presented by Ms Sun Suchuan, Deputy Director General, Science and Technology Department, SAPPRFT/RPTRC-China

ABU Technical Review Prize 2017

The Best Article Award was bestowed on a team of writers for the article – Impact of Interference on Broadcasting Satellite Services in Terms of Increase Rate of Outage Time Caused by Rain Attenuation, authored by Dr Kazuyoshi Shogen, B-SAT-Japan, Mr Masashi Kamei, Japan Telecommunications Engineering and Consulting Service-Japan, Mr Susumu Nakazawa and Mr Shoji Tanaka,  NHK-STRL-Japan. The Prize was presented by Mr Sheng Zhifan, CTO, Academy of Broadcasting Science of SAPPRFT/RTPRC-China to Dr Kazuyoshi Shogen, VP (International Affairs), Corporate Planning Division, B-SAT, Japan.

The First Commended Article Prize was awarded to Mr M S Duhan of Doordarshan-India for his article titled “Structural Mechanics of TV Towers: Strengthening for Hauling up of Additional DTT Antennas”.  Mr Sheng Zhifan, CTO, Academy of Broadcasting Science of SAPPRFT/RTPRC-China presented the prize to Ms Supriya Sahu, Director General, Doordarshan and ABU Vice President.

The Second Commended Article Prize went to Dr Li Leilei, Professor, Academy of Broadcasting Planning, RTPRC-China for his article: “ WRC-19 Agenda Items Concerning Broadcasting Service and ABU Spectrum Issues.” The prize was presented by Mr Sheng Zhifan, CTO, Academy of Broadcasting Science of SAPPRFT/RTPRC-China