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Measat teams up with CETel for Pan-African VSAT Services

MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd. (“MEASAT”) announced an agreement with Central European Telecom Services GmbH (“CETel”) to provide pan-African C-band VSAT satellite services via the AFRICASAT-1a satellite at 46.0°E. 

AFRICASAT-1a’s high-power and excellent look angles, combined with MEASAT’s customised solutions, were defining factors in CETel’s selection. The deal underscores the satellite’s attractiveness amongst teleport operators for services across the highly competitive African market.

CETel, a German provider of managed end-to-end communications solutions, services global customers from their teleport in Germany. Their independent solutions approach closed many long-term agreements in various industries and make them a perfect partner for individual and encompassing communications networks.

MEASAT is a Malaysian-based global satellite operator with capacity across six (6) communications satellites, providing services to over 150 countries across Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Australia.