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Papua New Guinea committed to revive Radio Stations

Minister for Communication, Information Technology and Energy Sam Basil wants all 22 provinces to have short wave frequency radio stations. He said this during the Central Province assembly induction program last month in Port Moresby.

“My role as the minister is to make sure that we go back to all the 22 provinces to make sure that we revive the radio stations,” Mr Basil said. He said most of the radio stations currently using frequency modulation (FM) face the problem of signal loose in the rural settings as it is only powered by repeater and could not be able to penetrate when it meets obstacles.

“This is to ensure that people are kept informed and in tuned with the government of the day,” Mr Basil added that to achieve this he will need the assistance of each local PMs of the 22 provinces.

“We will also require the support of the provincial government and administration for my department to roll out the program because I believe that the past decision made by previous government that transfers the provincial radio assets back to the provinces, the National Broadcasting Corporation and Department of Communication took the step back because there’s no funding to make sure we maintain those asset.

“I want to go short wave and we want to bring back to all the provinces capital in Papua New Guinea through National Broadcasting Corporation so that people in the mountains can have excess to communication,” Mr Basil said.