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Mediacorp announced children’s programmes for 2018

Mediacorp has announced a fresh lineup of programmes on okto for 2018 to appeal to its target audience of young people and those who lead active lifestyles and pursue active learning.

In the pipeline are: okto’s first original local sitcom for children, Upside Down, which debuts in January 2018; a rugby drama, Hullet Tigers, that draws its inspiration from Singapore’s 200-year-old sporting heritage, debuting in late 2018 and an interactive studio-based, history-focused game show for Primary school children, The Museum, which debuts in mid-2019.

Michelle Chang, Lead, English Audience, Mediacorp, said, “One of Mediacorp’s key priorities is to encourage active learning and lifestyle in young people through content that is made available everywhere; on okto, on Toggle and through on-ground events such as the upcoming okto Kids Fiesta in Jan 2018, where families can come and experience their favourite okto cast, characters and sets.”

In the local content pipeline are 12 new titles that have been given the green light under Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)’s PSB Contestable Funds Scheme (PCFS).  These 12 titles – five info-tainment, four drama and three short series – will air on okto over the next two years, starting March 2018, providing more than 60 hours of original local children’s content.  As part of continuous efforts to create transmedia content, all the programmes will come with online clips to further engage audiences.

Ms Dorothy Lai, Director, Public Service Media and Assessment at the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) said, “IMDA is happy to support Mediacorp to produce more children’s programmes on okto that reflect Singapore’s culture and values, and resonate with our younger viewers. These stories will also be made available online through Toggle to better reach out to the younger generation, to keep them engaged as well as promote interest and learning.”