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ABU SONIC winners announced

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) takes out the Grand Prize in the inaugural ABU SONIC Radio Drama Festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  

The  Festival, hosted by Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) had more than 40 entries for the inaugural five categories: Long Form Drama, Mini Drama, Radio-Based Multimedia Drama, Radio Drama Youth Award and Docudrama.

The judges said of the Grand Prize Winner, ‘Twenty Years’ from RTHK: “Although all of the shortlisted productions were widely debated and valued by the participants and jurors, the jury unanimously appreciated the original way of creating a landmark in Hong Kong’s recent history by showing the everyday life of a family of the city, turning around the key character who was born in the moment of the Handover.

“The use of historic audio records, the choice of music, the truthful dialogue, as well as the impressionist manner of depicting details of daily lights and shadows are merging into a panorama of today’s Hong Kong.”

Winners and commended entries for the Inaugural 2017 ABU SONIC Radio Drama Festival were:

  • Grand Prize & Long Form Drama Winner: Radio Television Hong Kong – “Twenty Years” 
  • Long Form Drama Commended: RRI – “Kidung Barangung”.
  • Mini-Drama Winner: RRI Semarang – “Tangan Kedua”.
  • Mini-Drama Commended: Radio Romania – “The Death of Ticu, an Outlaw of the Skirts” 
  • Radio Drama Youth Winner: iM4U Malaysia – “Kelam” (“Unlighted”).
  • Radio Drama Youth Commended: RRI Yogyakarta – “Radioku”.
  • Radio Docudrama Winner: RRI Purwokerto.  
  • Radio-Based Multimedia Drama Commended: RTHK – “The Dream I’m After”, Ho Yuen-Kei

Director of ABU Programming Mr Tatsuhiro Beniko said there were lively discussions and a question-and-answer session before the final scores were awarded.

The winning programs will be made available to members through the ABU content exchange platform.