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MBC Mauritius inks package deal for Prime Series

Prime Entertainment Group and Mauritius Broadcasting Company (MBC) have signed a new package deal for more than 160 hours of programing, including Prime’s cinema-related series as well as travel and environment shows.

MBC is the country’s leading public broadcaster over the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agaléga, and the network broadcasts news and programmes that cater for the intellectual, cultural, information and entertainment needs of the Mauritian population. It currently counts 16 television channels including MBC 1, MBC 2, MBC 3, Digital 4, Zoom TV, BBC, France 24, MBS Knowledge, Sports 11 and Ciné 12.

The new package deal includes 52 episodes of celebrity portraits programme Close Up (91×26’), 60×30′ of Hollywood’s best film Directors, the 15×45’ show Ultimate Countdown, 100 episodes of the 15-minute Hollywood News Feed, new seasons of 104×26’Hollywood on Set and the new 3×52’ travel and discovery series Ulysses’ Last Journey.

Commenting on the deal, Prime Entertainment Group managing director David Freydt said: “It’s great to be working with MBC, it has been a really great partner since we started our collaboration more than five years ago. Thanks to our diverse catalogue we can offer many hours of fresh content including not only cinema but also sports, lifestyle, fitness, religion, travel and much more.”